For clarification purposes, I’m going to settle the score for anyone confused by the word ‘kudos’.

Here we go …

‘Kudos’ is not a plural noun. There is no such word as ‘kudo’, nor should there be (and I say this from my usual standpoint of considering the English language very flexible). Hell, ‘kudos’ is not even English, which is a quite obvious fact to most people, but still, clarification and all.

Kudos – ‘fame’, ‘renown’, ‘praise’, ‘acclaim’. First used in English in the late 18th century. Derived from the Greek –

Kydos – ‘fame’, ‘glory’. Most often used in acknowledging achievement in battle, to describe ‘that which is heard of‘. ‘Kydos’ is a singular noun, just like its English synonyms.

The ‘-s’ is not a plural suffix, and there is no accepted back formation to ‘kudo’. In Greek, ‘-os’ or ‘ος’ is a masculine suffix.

Kudos is pronounced /ˈkjuːdɒs/ or ‘kyoo-doss’.

In short, then, kudos is already singular and not – not – to be shortened to kudo.

Hopefully this has been of some help to at least one person out there in the big, wide, e-world.:)

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