Migrating to New Author Website

Hi everyone, It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here, and the reason is that I’ve been working hard on my epic fantasy novel which I’m pleased to say is now completed and in the hands of my betas. I’m currently working on the accompanying map and glossary, and my cover artist is coming […]

Book Release: Life, The Universe & Free Thinking

On 30th March my new book will be published on Amazon stores worldwide, in kindle and paperback formats. Life, The Universe & Free Thinking is a collection of hard-hitting and in-depth essays on religion and atheism, psychology and philosophy, humanity, evolution and the universe. These essays aren’t just for non-theists to read and agree with […]

Searchlights Of Ethereal Airships

Searchlights Of Ethereal Airships By Scott Kaelen From DeadVerse A spill of light trickles down through canopies of clouds, searching beams circle along sweeping shores, directed by the masters of heights long-forgotten by those who remained, abandoned, their feet in the sands of this unnamed world, left to rot in favour of distant suns promising […]

2015 in review

My 2015 on WordPress.com in review. 2000 site views and quite a few blog posts (not to mention pages) but not a whole lot else going on here. Broken Twitter and Pinterest “Share” buttons, and completely disappeared Facebook and G+ “Share” buttons. A broken Twitter widget feed. Oh, and still no return of the erstwhile […]