My new book: From Grains To Galaxies

Createspace rejected my cover again. Which is a good thing, because for the last few hours I’ve remade the cover from the ground up, and it looks all the better for it. In fact, it looks damn sexy, and I don’t mind risking sounding egotistical by saying so. I’ll be revealing the full physical print cover today in my release event.
“What event’s that?” a couple of you are no doubt wondering.
Click the link and find out, then!
From Grains To Galaxies

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The ebook goes live tomorrow through Amazon Kindle and Smashwords (to begin with). Later I’ll release it through Barnes & Noble and others. The physical release will take a bit longer, but with luck it’ll be available through Createspace before Christmas!

Oh! Almost forgot to mention: Along with a bunch of other stories, poems and artwork, anyone who’s been waiting for the first release from my epic fantasy Verragos Tapestry series, you’ll find included in From Grains To Galaxies a short origin tale – NIght Of The Taking – along with a 3-page glossary of terms found in the story , plus an introductory overview of FOUR upcoming instalments to the series, ranging from novelettes to full novels!

Excited, or what? I know I am. ;)

Here is my interview with Scott Kaelen

Scott Kaelen:

This was me, Scott Kaelen, being interviewed by the lovely Fiona McVie. If you want to know a bit more about me and about my current releases, projects and future releases, you’ll find plenty here! And for those awaiting the first releases of my epic fantasy series, you might find some promising news if you dig deeper. ;)

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Name – Scott Kaelen

Age – 36

Where are you from? – Originally from Northern England, but since 2010 I’ve settled in Germany.

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

Scott: Let’s see … Well, I’m a reasonably new indie author. My first story was released on Kindle in Sep’ 2014, entitled When Gods Awaken. My next short story followed in October, entitled Bleak ‘93. I have several projects in the works, ranging from a slowly-growing collection of poetry up to an epic fantasy series, with lots of stuff in-between. My next releases will be out in the next couple of months – the first of the epic fantasy stories, and a collection of slipstream short stories. Lots of stuff going on!

Fiona: When and why did you begin writing?

Scott: The way I tell it is this: I was lay in the bath one day, pondering my life and asking…

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FREE eBook Giveaway – Scott Kaelen Double-Bill!

You’re all invited to my Facebook giveaway event, where I’ll be – wait for it – giving away (did you guess that?) two of my stories published on Kindle. You can snag your FREE downloads on the 28th and 29th of November, from Amazon stores worldwide.

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And please remember I’m only an indie author, and that means that any and all ratings and reviews of my releases will be more than gratefully received.

The free ebooks are:

When Gods Awaken is a creationism parody, mocking and reinventing the first moments of existence and the debacle that followed.

Bleak ’93 is a drama exploring familial abuse and centering on one little hero who has had enough of his bleak life.

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Muhammad’s curse, or the words of a paedophile?

In the hadith, Muhammad, the prophet of Allah, ‘cursed’ a young orphan girl who smiled at him by saying to her, “May you not advance in years!” When confronted about this, Muhammad went off on a typical religious tangent, saying how he was after all only human and could be pleased or displeased, yadda yadda, and how anyone he wrongly ‘cursed’ would be rewarded on the Day of Resurrection.

Muhammad later went on to marry a 9 year old girl named Aisha.

To me, Muhammad’s ‘curse’ claim is nothing more than the mutterings of a man who’s been caught out. The problem lies in the fact that the orphan girl mistook his words as being a curse, when they were more likely a compliment instead.

A compliment from a paedophile to a girl on the cusp of puberty.

Let’s modernise his words. The English translation of what he said is, “May you not advance in years!” That same sentence could be heard today as, “Well, aren’t you a sweet, little thing? I hope you always stay so young and beautiful and little.”

Of course, modern First World men (and I do not include Muslims in this generality) are able to separate the sweetness of a child from the sexual appeal of a young woman merely by the implementation of personal and social ethics and morals. But that has not always been the case; in England in earlier centuries it was common practice for a man to wed a girl at the turn of puberty, and as we all know, the onset of puberty in a girl can begin as young as 9, in some cases even earlier. Consummating the wedding was a very real occurrence.

This means that what we call paedophilia today was for thousands of years widely accepted as common practice. The modern way of thinking has recognised that a girl between the ages of 9 and 12 (when most begin puberty) is still too young mentally – if not physically – for sexual intercourse. In fact, modern law makes it illegal to have sexual relations with anyone under the age of 16, though in many earlier cultures a 16 year old female or male would already have been classed as an adult for a couple of years, if not several.

This was the case in 7th century Arabia, when a girl became an adult at the onset of puberty. Such was the world then. And the men of that time took full advantage of it … because it was men who passed the law in the first place. A nation of paedophile males hiding behind religious doctrine, and a nation of oppressed and brutalised females brainwashed by those same doctrines into accepting such oppression as normal and acceptable.

Can anyone sincerely say that things have changed for the better, after 14 centuries?

The first of five chapters of my upcoming novelette-length epic fantasy origin tale is polished to a shine. One down, four drafted-out chapters to go. The cover is also completed and looking gooooood!

The Verragos Tapestry series is the entire reason I started down the writing path in the first place. I’m excited that the first story of this mammoth project will soon be shared with the world.

I will probably create a Facebook Page just for the Verragos Tapestry. Stay posted for further info!

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Shame on you all.

They say there’s always someone who’s worse off than yourself. I find that hard to believe when children are being raped, set on fire, buried alive and beheaded, probably as I type this or as you read it, in a place we’re all too familiar with. What’s worse is that other kids are carrying those heads around in the streets, playing with them, and laughing. It’s difficult to crack a smile throughout the day – let alone a joke – with the knowledge of how sick and depraved this world still is after so many centuries of religious oppression and barbarism. Don’t you think we should have learned by now?

Be Muslim, and be ashamed to belong to a religion that stands for paedophilia, suppression, oppression, and mutilation, which executes all who doubt the Quran or the existence of Allah.

Be Christian, and be ashamed to belong to a religion that stands for bigotry, inequality, and eternal damnation of all who doubt the Bible or the existence of God.

Be an Orthodox Jew, and be ashamed of the four millennia of pain and suffering your religion has brought to the world, beginning with the atrocities of the Torah, leading into Christianity and the New Testament, and culminating with Mohammad and the Quran.

Shame on you all.