When Tolerance Is As Bad As Intolerance

I know Christians who don’t follow any of the immoral doctrines and tenets in the Bible. Unfortunately, many don’t realise the irony that their extremely selective cherry-picking technically puts them closer to deism than theism (Christianity). Organized religion, no matter how well-intentioned, wlll always lead to immoral, inhumane acts being done by humans to humans in the name of the Abrahamic deity (Yahweh/God/Allah). Witness the world today; no better than the world of 2000 or even 4000 years ago in terms of intolerance and brutality for the sake of religion. In the words of Chris Morris: It’s a strong-feelings kidney, whichever way you slice it.

These are my views, and I’m proud to share them rather than hide behind a curtain of apathetic pretense, even if doing so may damage any future sucess I have as a writer.

I don’t hate Christians; I despise bigots, murderers and rapists. The unfortunate truth is that these are the ones who shout the loudest and are heard across the world. It’s often atheists – unbiased towards any of the faith systems – who have to stand up to these people. I wish, just once in a while, the extremists’ fellow “moderate” believers would rise up and flush the zealots out of their flock. Sure, Christians are currently taking action against Muslims, but where do you see Christians standing against fellow Christians? Or moderate Muslims against extremist Muslms? Nowhere, because moderates don’t stand a chance against such terror. They cower in submission, and usually wind up dead.

What the world needs is a peaceful unity, but such will never be realised while there are so many religious and non-religious factions. Humanity has always thrived on conflict within itself, regardless of how many of us would like to turn blind eyes to the sickening truth. Religion is not good. Believe, by all means, but do so quietly – like some do – without forcing your beliefs on others.

If your fellow Christian is spouting hate against atheists or homosexuals, speak against him. If your fellow Muslim is sawing the heads off children and putting them on sticks, shout your disgust! Silent acceptance is for weak-willed people who are content to let the madness of monsters thrive upon this crowded Earth.

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Only Believers Will Get Into Heaven

Hi there, Christians! You know how Jesus preached the Old Testament 2000 years ago? Some of you believe that to get into Heaven you have to not only believe in God, but also believe in Jesus, correct? Okay, so let’s look at Judaism. Do Christians who prescribe to Jesus being an element of God believe that all Jews are going to – not Hell like the atheists and homosexuals – but Purgatory, because their beliefs just weren’t up to scratch?

Now let’s take it a step further. Let’s suppose that all Christians are really just nice and lenient folk who let anyone into Heaven from any of the Abrahamic faiths. Let’s suppose that anyone from the founder of Judaism – Abraham – onwards – all right, all right, from Noah onwards. Still not good enough? Okay, from Adam onwards, 4000BC … let’s suppose that the last 6000 years of Jews, Christians and Muslims have all gone to Heaven. Let’s further suppose that the last 6000 years of atheist heathens, suicide cases, gays, and all the rest who didn’t fit the bill, have gone to Hell. Admittedly, that’s a lot of people; the vast majority of Homo sapiens who have ever lived, in fact.

But what about all those who came before God created Adam, revealing himself to the First Man? Okay, some of you are die-hard Creationists, I get that. However, the Catholic Church has accepted Darwinism over the Biblical Creationism myth since the 1950s. So let’s assume that all of that tangible evidence, in the form of fossil remains, carbon-dating, etc. is actually correct. Let’s further accept that the first primates evolved from mammals 60 million years ago.

So what became of +/-59,994,000years of primates? Just because God hadn’t revealed himself to them, does that mean they all went to Hell for being disbelievers? Surely so, since it clearly states all throughout the Bible that anyone who doesn’t believe in God is going straight to Hell.

Let’s take it a bit further back, shall we? Let’s assume that God includes all animals in this zero-tolerance game of his. Imagine if – somehow – an armadillo managed to faintly grasp the concept of God as it was preached to him by some naked, bearded fellow. That armadillo has snagged itself a Gold Pass into Heaven. Sure, it might be the only mammal there, and conversation might be a bit thin on the ground for it, but nonetheless it has the right to be there, because it has embraced God. Hats off to that armadillo.

But what about all the other poor mammals that have lived since the Permian-Triassic Extinction Event? Over 250,000,000 years worth of mammalian life has all gone to Hell, just because it was never privy to knowing God, because God didn’t bother revealing himself to them.

I’ll remind you at this point that there are Christians who insist God created all things. This means those people who accept Darwinism are giving God the royalties for creating all life on Earth. The ironly being that none of them seem to realise how many creatures that is condemning to a second life of eternal torture. Or do animals get into Heaven by proxy? If so, what’s the big beef God has with humans, that he would let all those intellectually inferior lifeforms into Heaven along with all the Christians who also happen to be rapists, pedophiles, cannibals and serial killers, but he won’t let disbelieving humans up there? What an arrogant and obnoxious arsehole he must be.

And what about the reptiles, birds, insects and marine animals that have existed since the Cambrian Explosion 542,000,000 years ago? Tough gig for them guys, as well. No Gold Pass for any of them.

And as for those poor, Godless microbial mats of 3,500,000,000 years ago, and the biogenic graphite of 3,700,000,000 years ago, well, I suppose those guys must the most ancient heathens who ever existed. Well done, my primitive, disbelieving brethren, I’ll see you all down there in the magma ocean in a few years, or decades if I’m lucky.

What staggering arrogance Christians have, who believe, assert and preach that anyone who doesn’t accept and embrace the Christian belief system, not only is going to Hell, but that they deserve an eternity of the worst possible pain and torture imaginable. Oh, blessed truly are the meek, for anyone who isn’t like them will surely inherit the molten core of the Earth, while the bigoted chosen will take to the skies for distant Heaven, somewhere out there between the gaps in science.

This has been another stream-of-consciousness. Thank you.

Breaking News: Preserved Remains of “First Man” Discovered

In the news today:

The amazingly preserved remains of a 5000-year-old male Homo sapiens sapiens were discovered encased in a peat bubble under the Persian Gulf.

Scott Kaelen reports:

“The carbon-dated remains show evidence that this man was 930 years old at the time of his death. Also present in the peat bubble was an accompanying fig leaf, which shows more signs of degradation than the body itself.

The carbon-dating was also used to compare human DNA traces on the fig leaf, showing that the difference in cell degradation of the tissue and hair samples had a range of almost nine and a half centuries, suggesting the man wore the leaf from the moment of his Creation right up to his death and subsequent preservation. The finding also suggests that not only were the characters of the Old Testament privy to extended longevity, but so was the Biblical foliage of the time.

The corpse is being kept in the Vatican” continues Kaelen, “near the tombs of St Peter and Pope John Paul II – the latter, incidentally, who famously accepted Darwinism. The act has been called a “tactical placement” to show the erstwhile leader of the Catholic Chuch “just who is right around here, already” by those who snubbed the Church’s acceptance of Darwin’s evolution theory”

Cut to an image of the current Pope:

“It’s just a theory, after all,” says Pope Francis. “And to think for more than the last half a century we’ve been duped by science.”

“That,” says Kaelen, “was His Holiness yesterday, looking rather put out and just slightly miffed.”

The now vacuum-sealed corpse is being dubbed “Persian Gulf Man” by scientists, and “Eden Adam” by the Church, jokingly shortened by Darwinists to “Edam.”

“The Vatican is in turmoil, a schism separating those who have accepted Darwinism since Pop Pius XII, and those who secretly continued to keep Creationism close to their hearts. Pope Francis says, “I honestly don’t know what to think. I’m as confused as a dyslexic homosexual in a seminary.””

Cut to a brief video of Pope Francis, saying, “… seminary.”

“Words, perhaps,” concludes Kaelen, “that His Holiness may one day come to regret.”

Beneath the Persian Gulf, the underwater search continues for further remains. Just this morning the dismembered corpse of an alligator lizard was also found preserved in the mud, seemingly placed to point towards the north-west. Science and the Catholic Church are working together around the clock to piece the rest of the puzzle together.

Taking the Step From Christianity to Deism

Deism is not Christianity. The Prime Mover is a theoretical nameless force, not stapled onto any orthodox faith system.

Deism doesn’t label; it suggests.

There are, among Christians, those whose senses tell them the Bible isn’t right, but who still feel the presence of something in the universe. I, as an atheist, also feel there is more than merely what our limited human senses and technology allow us to experience, but I don’t believe in a cosmic entity.

However, I want to help those who are stuck within the Christian faith yet have come to believe that things about God/Yahweh/Jehovah are not at all right, to not get confused between theism and deism. It might be that you’re actually leaning more towards deistic thinking than that of organised religion, and you might wish to reexamine your views in terms of whether Christianity is really the right thing for you. Perhaps deism is more your thing. A Prime Mover, after all, does not command loyalty and obedience, does not demand prayer and worship, does not sentence unruly children or unfaithful wives to death, does not hate unbelievers and homosexuals, does not call for the ritual genital mutilation of children, does not– All right, you get that point.

Multiple Musings

I have a lot of respect for Aristotle, Plato, Socrates and all other great thinkers. Aristotles Primve Mover (or Unmoved Mover) is the ultimate representation of deism. It is free – utterly and completely. Any Christians who find themselves constantly at odds with the Bible’s teachings would do well to free themselves of the shackles of Christianity. Your life would be a lot happier without the Bible, at peace with your own philosophical thinking, just like Aristotle.

Aristotle is to the Prime Mover as Jesus is to Christianity, but with all the bells and whistles removed. 

Science & Faith

As I said (and as anyone who folows my blog already knows) I’m an atheist through and through, but I do believe there is a fantastic cosmic dance going on, and has been since possibly forever, and will continue to go on forever.

My scientific philosophies surpass limitations such as the “Big Bang”, which we’re on the verge of putting into supercession, anyway.

The Big Bang Theory is in Supercession

I like to think the uiverse is as much an entity as is a human being. In other words, just as my individual molecules all contrbute towards being me, so the galaxies all take part in a universal harmonic togetherness. In my admittedly limited understanding of science, I see positrons and negatrons as being synonymous with active and inactive galactic nuclei (or quasars and black holes).

The Cosmic Black Hole Theory

We do not need a religion in order to feel such cosmic wonder; we’re still talking about matter and energy and gasses, quantum and spatial mechanics, not an entity that is in any way focusing on this Earth and pulling the strings of each of its occupants.

The Religious Disorder: Christianity, ISIS, and Hitler

You know how Christians (most, if not all) see atheists as people who either: A) Need to be saved, or/and: B) Will burn for eternity in a lake of hellfire? And do you know how we atheists differ from that barbaric condemnation, with how we see theists? I’ll tell you.

Where Christians believe atheists are just ‘ignoring’ the existence of God, we alleged heathens see theists in a much more clinical light. And this is it: Many of us believe NOT that you need salvation, NOT that you deserve an eternity of torture, but that you are sick. Mentally sick. For some of you it’s mild, but for others it’s extreme. Sometimes your immune system shrugs it off eventually, and those people become atheists. But for others, religion becomes so embedded into their psyches that it is inextricably intertwined; such people have gone beyond help.

Many psychologists recognise a connection between religion and schizophrenia: prayer to an apparently extrinsic entity; worship of said entity; psychotic episodes; intense “experiences”. Some people develop to the point where they believe they themselves are “God-sent” – not just religious figures, but also normal members of the public.

It’s been proven that people who “hear” God’s voice talking to them are more religious than those who do not. Such people are more outspoken, more feverish in their proclamations, especially against anyone or anything that contradicts an element of their faith.

I believe that such things as faith in a deity, prayer, worship, and the following of religious doctrines – ESPECIALLY when such actions are subjected onto children and other family members – ought to be recognised and treated as a neurological issue. God is NOT real, but the dangers of religion are VERY REAL. Even now, ISIS is infiltrating probably every country in Europe and every state in America, and people across the world are joining their fanatical, extremist religious movement.

Natural diseases are bad enough: between the Black Plague and the Red Plague, roughly half a BILLION people died across Eurasia and the Americas, but religion has the capacity to spread with just as high a death-rate if left unchecked. Every few years, we can safely say that the death toll as a direct result of religious zealotry and dictatorship by those in positions of power, and their followers, number in the millions, across the world. This is not an exaggeration.

And before anyone shouts, “What about Hitler! He was an atheist!” I’ll remind you that Hitler was NOT an atheist but a deist, and therefore believed in the existence of a cosmic deity and an afterlife. Hitler hated Judaism and despised Christianity. He disliked Arabs, but admired Islam. Just because a genocidal leader isn’t labelled with an organized religion, don’t automatically assume that he’s an atheist; most of the time this is not the case. I have absolutely no doubt that Hitler suffered multipe neurological disorders, and that his deistic beliefs were a by-product of those disorders.